Your Fine Petting Duck - Devendra Banhart

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sickreflectionsinyourrubyeyes a demandé: you're gorgeous :)

oh thank you so much for thinking/saying so :)

aaw roller derby final was probably the most badass thing i’ve ever seen!! the girls were so strong and sexy and showed their boobs to disturb the opposing team hahahahaha. guys were there to support them and keep the children hehehehe.

everyone was so cute, had crazy coloured hair and alice cooper kind of make up on their face and had huge tattoes aaaahhh. (so many chappies with long beard and long hair and patterned ties) (so many cute girls i made lots of smiles and eye contacts with muhahaha)

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The Maccabees // Toothpaste Kisses

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EXIST to the fullest you can

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Anonyme a demandé: oh no no, everything with your move is going to be fine! even though i don't know you personally, your internet presence is enough to know you're a wonderful person and nobody could dislike you. your adorableness will be enough for people to accept you just as you are and become friends with you :~)

aaw this is really kind and comforting. my smile got larger and larger reading this little message hehe

i really hope that they are not going to be annoyed by me because then i would feel alienated a lot and uuugh i should not think about this, everything is going be okay (at least i hope so very very very deeply)

thank you thank u little ladybug

David Hockney

David Hockney

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